Have a look at Homepages of Divers we met on our trips!

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Misc. UW-related stuff

Ben Mau Kim Fai

Ben lives in HongKong. We met him in 2000 on a dive trip on the Baruna
Adventurer in Indonesia and have been diving with him in PNG and the Red
Sea since then. Hopefully, we will be doing some more trips together soon!

You can find a selection of his photos here:


Michael Aw

Michael is a well known professional photographer, author of beautiful coffeetable-
books, publisher of Asian Geographic and Scuba Diver Australasia magazine .
and so on and so on ... (just type his name into a search engine: 1400+ results)

We have been diving with Michael in Indonesia and in PNG. He is alwys a source of good hints, tips and tricks for amateur photographers like me.

Among his many projects I would like to point out OceanNEnvironment:

"OceanNEnvironment, is a non-profit organization listed with the Registrar of
Environmental Organisations in Australia. The mission of OceanNEnvironment
promotes and initiates preservation projects as well as endeavors to document the
status of coral reefs, bio-diversity and the impact of man-made pollution through
research programs, and educational expeditions."

Have a look and, maybe, participate???


Harald Slauschek

Harald has won several prizes in international competitions! He and Nicole
were on board the Febrina on our trip from Walindi to Kavieng in May 2003.

On his his homepage you will not only find his portfolio, but also some of his
publications and informations for photogs. The page is in German, but the
navigation menue is in english and/or easy to understand:


Kevin Schoefield

Okay, okay - I will mention Kevin here, although he does not take photos - he
shoots video! But he is really a nice guy, so why not go to his website and
have a look?

You will find a portal site for divers and some fine pics (... and maybe some
day also the one or other video clip?) Kevin joined us on our trip from Bali to
Komodo in September 2003 on the Pelagian.


Daniela & Mathias Boehm

Dani and "Matze" come from Frankfurt/Germany, we met them on our Pelagian
trip. While Mathias was struggling with his bulky camera and strobe, Dani was
taking photos with her small digital camera with some great results. Diving could
be so much fun ...

Their homepage is in German, here is the direct link to their uw-pages:


Tibor Dombovari

Tibor from Hungary does not have his own homepage (yet??). But he is an
excellent Photographer who has won many international prices, so this is why
I must include
him here - and besides, it was a pleasure to dive with him.

When we met him and his friend Joseph on the Pelagian, he had just been
to Manado and Lembeh Strait, where he participated in a competition - with
big success!

See his latest winning photos at:

http://www.epicphotocontest.org/ (browse through the categories of "2003 Winners")


Peter Rowlands from OceanOptics in the UK publishes a free (!) bi-monthly
UW-Photo magazine. You can download the current and all recent issues at
his website; all you need is Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. In my opinion
a " must see"!

Thank you Peter, you are doing a great job !!!


Walter Starck has started a remarkable project: The work of world-class
photographers and videographers is available on CD/DVD. Every two months
a new issue is being published, covering many aspects of diving, photography
and marine life.

Subscription is easy, and in my opinion the price of (currently) 42.oo US-$ for
6 issues / one year is fair.


Do you know the uw-photo email-list? This is a discussion forum free of the
annoying flaming you find in so many newsgroups - seems uw-photogs are
decent folks!

If you have a question (need advice on equipment, wonder what exposure you
should use for a black frogfish, or - a little bit off-topic- search for a photographer
friendly divecenter in a certain area), just post it to the list, and you surely will get
many useful answers.

If you want to give it a try, here is how it works:

To subscribe to this list go to
http://www.uw-photo-list.org/ and scroll down to the
section for Subscribing/Unsubscribing, fill in the form and that is it.

I just love this list.


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